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I watch movies. I have seen a lot of movies, and I am a fan of most genres. Keeping up with what is current and trendy is a difficult and annoying thing to do so that is why I just don't care to keep up. That being said, some trends are unavoidable. 3-D is all over the place now. Movies, video games, hell even tv's are popping up all over the place requiring us to wear paper glasses before we look at anything. I haven't seen a whole lot of 3-D movies, but since the "3-D boom" is happening now my quota will rise quickly. 3-D films are being cranked out faster than a crackhead running from the cops. I will also be launching a 3D casino and 3D poker room web site in 2013.

In a nutshell this website is all about everything 3-D with general movie info here and there. In the end I am hoping that this isn't just a site that is skimmed over for the next best thing. Right now we are in the infant stages, but every week there will be new features and additions. I want to hear from you too even if it is just to bitch about something. Let me know what you would like to see here and I will see what I can do. I want 3Dmovienews.org to be a site that is more than just the facts - hopefully it is a cool site that you will want to stay at.

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